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WPCU Grove City - OH

Our Services

No matter what size project you are looking to accomplish, DH Creative can guide you every step of the way.  Whether you are looking to dive deep into a long-term strategy, design the branch of the future, or are simply seeking a quick cosmetic refresh, our design solutions focus on amplifying your brand and creating meaningful experiences across all delivery channels.

Strategic Planning & Discovery

Understanding how to update and design your branch or overall branch network for optimal performance starts with data and a team the understands your industry. Every design recommendation we offer is carefully considered; it is a result of your market potential, your goals and objectives, your brand, and understanding consumer behaviors within the communities you serve. Our team investigates opportunities for increased performance of existing branches as well as opportunities for expansion and long-term growth. We can assist with providing an in-depth report to serve as the basis for decision making as well as conducting in-person or virtual meetings to dive deeper into a specific subject-matter: data analysis, implementation of the study, or a close look at a design direction and overall vision. 

Brand Identity

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room” – Jeff Bezos 


What does your brand say about you?  With consumers interacting with thousands of brands a day, how do you rise above the noise and connect with people?  We investigate how your organization feels about your brand, what your customers/members think, as well as your market. Whether you need a new name, a rebrand, or just a minor course-correction, we evaluate your brand equity and provide insights on the best path forward to make your voice heard.

Interior & Exterior Design

Every interaction with your branch is an opportunity to make a lasting impression.  We consider the consumer journey and operational efficiencies in every floor plan we design. We stay on top of banking industry trends, technologies, and materials and finishes to package the best design solution for your financial institution to maximize performance. Whether you need conceptual design, construction documents or both, we can partner with you to renovate or prototype your next branch. 

Environmental Graphic Programs

A quick, cost-effective way to update your branch is with an environmental graphic program or kit-of-parts.  Whether you have a collection of branches that all look different or have a branch or two that need to be updated for a low budget, graphics can provide an impactful, cohesive look and focus attention to the right message.  Our creative services team can assist with brand messaging, marketing campaigns, placement, and more. 


  • Branded focal walls

  • Community or history walls

  • Marketing and promotional signage placement

  • Digital signage integration

  • Wayfinding 

Digital Content & Technology

The physical branch is one of many ways to connect with a consumer.  Technology integration is becoming not only more common but expected. Consumers want multiple ways to interact with their financial institution and want a seamless experience.  We work with you to strategize how to integrate your brand and provide solutions that allow you to seamlessly connect with consumers – through mobile apps, online, and the physical environment. 


  • Experiential digital content services

  • Dynamic templates

  • Digital placement recommendations

  • Multichannel content development

  • CMS Software and player recommendations

Casework & Fixture Design

Looking to update your transaction platform or integrate a new functionality to your branch?  As branch technology evolves and as you seek to upgrade equipment, we can assist with site-specifically upgrading your teller line, teller pod, or ITM station with a customized design and affordable installation. (in the drive thru too!)

Design Administration

Our clients oftentimes have a lot to juggle between their daily work and taking on a new project.  Depending on the project, you may have a dozen different vendors to interact with and it can be a challenge to ensure you are getting the best design, price, and schedule. That is where we can come in – with over 17 years of experience designing and building financial institutions, we can assist with representing you and ensuring your original design intent is maintained. 

Strategic Partnerships

We believe that every project is different and requires different resources.  Depending on your relationships, we are flexible in working with your preferred vendors or we are happy to recommend ours as well.  We love meeting new vendors!  

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